SOCIAL JUSTICE: Community Commitment and Responsibility
February 17, 2006

8:00-9:20 a. m. Friday, Feb. 17,2005
Session J
COMMUNITY COMMITMENT AND RESPONSIBILITY: A Triangulation of Health Care, Self Image, and the Political and Legal System for African-American Men

Darryl Wilson

Reginald Wilson
   Philip Wilson
      Byron Wilson

Session K
The State of African Americans in 2006: Some Suggested Solutions, II

Group Leader
William Horton Grambling State University

Brenda Jones Houston Community College System
Talmadge Anderson Washington State University (Ret.)
Tunde Adeleke The University of Montana
William Arp Southern University

Session L
The Diaspora, II

Franklin Jones Texas Southern University

Relationship between Justice and Peace: An International Perspective

Behrooz Kalantari Savannah State University

Impact of Diaspora on African and African-American Relationship

Chris Ike Fayetteville State University

The Trauma of Transformation: the Impact of the Omarian Wahabi Revolution on Fouta Toro

Abdul Aziz Diop Delaware State University

Session M
"Big Daddy": His Life and the Lives He Touched

Presiding and Discussant
Stanley Johnson Fayetteville State University

Hazel Scott: A Cold War Casualty

Dwayne A. Mack Berea College

Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. And the Powell Amendment: A Comparison with William Dawsoin's Approach to advance Civil Rights for African Americans

Claude Hargrove Fayetteville State University

Session M
How Far Have We Come? Reflections on Civil Rights and Higher Education

Frank E. Moorer Alabama State University

A Meditation on What the Negro Wants: Sixty-one Years Later"

Frank E. Moorer Alabama State University

"Segregation in Alabama Higher Education: Fifty Years After the Bus Boycott"

Kart E. Westhauser Alabama State University

Session O
The Black Public Sphere In Urban America

Practical Strategies for Educating at Risk Black Urban Students for Today's Market Economy

Karl L. Johnson Ramapo College [NJ]

The Katrina INVASION: Displacement of a Polyglot Nation in New Orleans

Ronald Dorris Xavier University [New Orleans]

"COVERING the 'Hood': Media, Responsibility, and Poverty on the Racial Fault Line in America"

E. Jerry Persaud SUNY New Paltz

Session P
Issues in African American History

Stacey Close Eastern Connecticut State University

Robert Hall Northeastern University

The Legal Status of Free Blacks in Georgia Before the Civil War
A. J. Stovall Rust College

The Making of A Black Educational Mecca: Freed People, Shaw University, and The Politics of Community Buildings in Post Civil War Mississippi, 1865-1880
Marco Robinson Rust College

Session Q
A New Generation

Michael Washington University of Northern Kentucky

Young African American Voters: A Survey of Students in a HBCU during the 2004 Presidential Election

Masoomeh Khosrovani Texas Southern University

Educators as Change Agents: Teaching for Social Justice

Barbara G. Bowman Claflin University

9:30-10:50 a. m. Friday, Feb. 17, 2005
Session R
What is the Responsibilities of the Black Academicians in Helping to Move the African American Communities

Charles Jackson, Chair Augusta State University
Sam Richardson Augusta State University
Lurelia Hardy Augusta State University
Barbara Blackwell Augusta State University

Session S
SOCIAL JUSTICE: Issues In Literature

Shirley W. Moore Texas Southern University

"'What a Lovely Way to Burn': The Positive Nature of Pain" in African American Studies

Rachelle M. Scissum Texas College

Meridian: a Situation or Place with its own Distinctive Character

Abigail Palko The University of Notre Dame

Race and Reparations: Human Responsibility in Edward P. Jones' "The Known World"

Reanna A. Ursin The University of Notre Dame

Session T
Continuing the Struggle for Social Justice on Many Fronts

A Historical Perspective on the Black and Caribbean Alliance in the Struggle for Social Justice in the North East

Stacey Close Eastern Connecticut State University

The Challenges of Black Females Leaders in Higher Education

Camille Close Eastern Connecticut State University

Exploring the Perceptions of Social Mobility and Black Identity among Black College Students

Eunice Matthews-Armstead Eastern Connecticut State University

From European to US Imperialism: The World Trade Organization's unjust ruling of Caribbean sugar and bananas

Dennis Canterbury Eastern Connecticut State University

White English: Identity, Pedagogy, and the Liberal Arts

Reginald Flood Eastern Connecticut State University

Session U
The Diaspora, III

Mohamed H. Mukhtar Savannah State University

North Media's Term of Denigration

Benn L. Bongang Savannah State University

The Legacies of Cultural Imperialism

Mohamed Turay Savannah State University

Slave Trade As The Root of Contemporary African Crisis

Christopher Ide Savannah State University

African Muslims in Early America

Mohamed Haji Mukhtar Savannah State University

Black Women and Political Leadership

Emmanuel M. Naniuzeyi Savannah State University

Session V

Cruel and Unusual Punishment: The Eighth Amendment and the Execution of George J. Stinney, Jr.

Jackie R. Booker Claflin University

The Fourteenth Amendment

Abel A. Bartley Clemson University

Session W
SOCIAL ACTIVISM: Blackness-20th Century Style

Presiding and Commentator
Brenda Jones Houston [TX] Community College

Signifying in the Setting and Plot of the Montgomery Bus Boycott Story

Ramona L. Hyman Oakwood College

Reflections on the Progress of African Americans in the 20tb Century

Stanley Johnson Fayetteville State University

"WHO WANTS TO INTEGRATE INTO A BURNING HOUSE!: The Rise of Black Nationalism In The Face Of Failed Integration"

James T. Jones Prairie View A&M University

Session X

Marcellus Barksdale Morehouse College

"Who Then Will Speak For The Common Good?": Barbara Jordan and the Voting Rights Act

Carroll G. Robinson Texas Southern University

Blacks and the Political Community The Congressional Career of Andrew Young of Georgia

Philip A. Grant, Jr. Pace University

John H. Johnson: Business Tycoon, Journalist & Publisher 1918-2005:Milestones and Secret of Success

Jerry Komia Domatob Alcorn State University

Session Y

"Cleo Brown

11:00 a. m...12:20 p. m. February 17,2006
Session Z

Walter Crockett Jackson State University

Preparing Guidance Counselors: Recommendations for College Attendance for Minority and Low Income Students

Yolanda K. H. Bogan & Shenique Gilbert Florida A&M University


Joyce K. Jones Texas Southern University

Session AA
Reaching America through Creativeness

Evora Jones Howard University

Land of Broken Dreams: Soul Music and Self-Affirmation in the Quest for Civil Rights

Alexis Brooks de Vita Texas Southern University
Margaret Stephens Alabama State University

New Orleans' Congo Square

Janeen K. Surrency Tallahassee, FL

Betty Taylor- Thompson Texas Southern University

Session BB
LEADERSHIP: Its Relationship to the Struggle For Social Justice-at the community level

Group Leader
Eugene Barrington Texas Southern University

Jacob Butler Morris College
Theodore Herrington Texas Southern University
David Jackson Florida A&M University
Zuberi Mwamba Texas Southern University
Chiazam U. Okoye Bethune-Cookman College
Louis Williams St. Louis Community College

Session CC
Desegregation and Students

Presiding and Discussant
Franklin Jones Texas Southern University

Black Student Activism in the Late 1960s and one Institution's Response

Lois Stickell University of North Carolina-Charlotte

THE ORANGEBURG MASSACRE: A Link to the Montgomery Bus Boycott

Thomas Midgette Claflin University

Session DD
Movements: Progress: the Black Community

Merline Pitre Texas Southern University

The Dorchester Cooperative Center: African American Commitment to Community Development

Dawn Herd-Clark Fayetteville State University

The Malachi House Ministry: A Case Study of the Black Church's Crusade for Social Justice in Greensboro, N. C.

Johnson A. Adefila Bennett College for Women

African Americans and the American Military

Stanley Johnson Fayetteville State University

Session EE
The Diaspora, IV

Benjamin Berry Virginia Wesleyan University [Ret.]


Kinji Pierre Scott Baltimore, MD

"We Shall Utilize Propaganda in Our Fight;" A Gramscian Analysis of Religion in the Mau Mau Liberation Struggle

Rupe Simms North Park University

Relationship between Justice and Peace: An International Perspective

Behrooz Kalantari Savannah State University

Session FF
SOCIAL JUSTICE: Issues In Different Communities in African American Studies, II

Robert Bakery Tuskegee University

SOCIAL JUSTICE AND PEDAGOGY: Perspectives On Equity Within The Academic Community

Lucille P. Sutton Baltimore, MD

What Black Community? How African Americans Who Recently Graduated from a Select College Perceive "the Black Community"

Demetrius A. Lamar Wentworth Tech [Maine]

Session GG
PANEL: Assessment of Student Learning and Africana Studies

Charles Jones Georgia State University
Shawnrece Miller Stetson University
Adele Newson-Horst University Of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Alfred Young Georgia Southern University

12:30-2:15 p.m. February 17,2006
Session HH


SOCIAL JUSTICE: Community Commitment and Responsibility

C. Calvin Smith Arkansas State University [Ret.]

Musical Interlude
South Carolina State University Ensemble Dr. Julia Quick, In Charge

Intro. of Speaker
Dr. Alton Hornsby, Jr. Morehouse College [Ret.]

Dr. Carlton Brown, Pres. Savannah State University

Dr. Wali Kharif Tennessee Tech University

President-S. C. A. A. S. I.

2:30-3:50 p. m. Friday February 17, 2006
Session HH

Session II Butler Essay Contest

Participating schools

Panel of Judges
Prof. Andrew Baskin [Chrm.] Berea College
Dr. Roosevelt Butler College of New Jersey
Dr. Stacy Close Eastern Connecticut State University
Ms. Jessica Domingo Columbus, Ohio
Dr. Ronald Dorris Xavier University [New Orleans]
Dr. Emmanuel Egar University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff
Dr. Belinda Griffith Alcorn State University
Dr. Laurelia Hardy Augusta State University [GA]
Prof. Ramona Hyman Oakwood College
Dr. Donald Ray Jenkins Winston Salem State University
Dr Evora Jones Howard University
Prof. Lillie Jones Alcorn State University
Dr. Shirley Moore Texas Southern University
Dr. A. J. Stovall Rusk College

4:00-6:00 p. m. Friday February 17, 2006
Session JJ
Hornsby Quiz Bowl

Panel of Judges
Dr. Raymond Lockett Southern University
Dr. Eunice Matthew-Armstead Eastern Connecticut State University
Dr. Dennis Canterbury Eastern Connecticut State University
Dr. Ron Samples Texas Southern University
Dr. E. Jerry Persaud SUNY New Paltz

7:00-9:30 p. m. Friday February 17, 2006
Session KK     Plenary Session



Savannah State University
Prof. Nan Spicer, Directress

South Carolina State University
Dr. Julia Quick, In Charge